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Policies and Guidelines

Above Par Golf Car is the go-to resource for all your golf car needs. Whether you are looking for quality after-market parts, used golf cars or expert repair service, our golf car professionals can help you. We also offer access to a large inventory of Club Car golf car rentals for any event. When you are looking to rent a golf car fo your event, talk to the experts at Above Par Golf Car to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Below are our golf car rental policies and guidelines. When renting a golf car from Above Par Golf Cars, please take a moment to read these policies and guidelines so we may provide you the best service possible. 

  • Once rental vehicles are delivered they are your responsibility. This means you are responsible for any and all physical and liability damage while the rental vehicle is in your possession. 
  • Confirmation is provided 7-10 days prior to the event. This confirmation must be signed and returned to Above Par Golf Cars 4 days prior to the event.
  • Above Par Golf Cars accepts subtractions, additions or cancellations up to 4 days prior to the event. Additions are accepted based on availability.
  • Please be sure to return all keys and key rings supplied by Above Par Golf Cars.
  • When placing signage on rental vehicle, please use clear scotch tape. All other adhesive will damage vehicle paint. We will implement a removal service fee if a returned rental vehicle requires cleaning due to adhesives.
  • Above Par Golf Cars has a one-time delivery fee of $100.00 for Waukesha and Milwaukee counties and $125.00 for Washington and Ozaukee counties which includes both the delivery and pickup of rental vehicles. All other locations please call for delivery pricing.

Visit Above Par Golf Cars in New Berlin or contact our golf car experts today for more information on golf car rentals, after-market parts, used vehicles for sale, or repair services.


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