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Carryall XRT/ XRT 900- Duro® 6-Ply Off-Road Tread Pattern

Carryall XRT/ XRT 900- Duro® 6-Ply Off-Road Tread Pattern
Product Number: 102009401

Off-road tread pattern by Duro, 6 ply rated (22 x 11.00 - 10). Sold as an assembly, unmounted tires and wheels are special order requests. Carryall and XRT tires are vehicle specific due to load requirements. Look at your vehicle to find available tires & wheels. NOTE- The wheels must be installed with the deeper offset facing out. Off-road tires are directional and must be installed according to the directional arrow mark on each tire.

102009401 Pass. rear, white rim
102009402 Pass. rear, gray rim
102009501 Driver rear, white rim
102009502 Driver rear, gray rim
102009201 Pass. front, white rim
102009202 Pass. front, gray rim
102009301 Driver front, white rim
102009302 Driver front, gray rim
Carryall XRT/ XRT 900- Duro® 6-Ply Off-Road Tread Pattern

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